The Masters Running Masterclass with Claire Bartholic
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Coach Claire Bartholic wasn’t always a runner.  She started running in her mid-30s simply to get in shape for her high school reunion. She caught the running bug and finished her first marathon at age 38 in a respectable 4:02 and was immediately hooked.   With dedicated coaching and training, she successfully lowered her marathon PR to 2:58, remarkably without injury, and entirely plant-based.   Today, we talk about all things masters running including the common mistakes, misconceptions Claire often sees working with masters athletes.   We also answer all your patron questions including ways to best prepare in your younger years, how to adjust your goals, how to increase mileage safely and how to recovery from long runs.   Follow The Run to the Top podcast by RunnersConnect Head to Claire's website to receive your free download about the ultimate fuel plan for runners  Follow @theplantedrunner on insta Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.
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