Together Run with Tina 6: 30 or 45 minute Run with Workout
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Join me for a workout? After our regular mental and physical check in, we do 5 x 1 minute hard (with 1 minute recovery) together. We check in with our senses and surroundings and wrap up the 30 minute with another check in. The 45 minute group will do an additional 2 x 1 minute in the final 15 minutes.
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Multimedia artist and professional ultra/trail runner Christian Gering draws inspiration from running and his Native American heritage.  Hailing from Katishyta (San Felipe Pueblo) and the Pi’pil people of El Salvador, he believes that “running is a form of art, and art is also a form of...
Published 09/17/21
Join Tina for an unplanned, unscheduled, conversational run that will be as close as running with a friend as possible...without actually running with a friend. As marathon season approaches, Tina gives advice for going into your races prepared and ready. Tina also gives suggestions for fueling...
Published 09/13/21
When Sasha Wolff discovered the benefits of running for mental health, she wanted to connect with others who did the same thing.  She couldn’t find an existing group, so she created her own, Still I Run.  What began as a Facebook page and website is now a non-profit charity and a community of...
Published 09/10/21