Together Run with Tina 8: 30 or 45 minute Run
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Join me for a 30 or 45 minute run with 2-4 strides along a trail. We start with a check in with our body and mind, take in all our senses, and then have a conversation.
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The best running tips, marathon training advice, and lessons learned from 2:36 marathon runner Tina Muir. Helping you achieve your running goals and dreams. On this running podcast, you will learn from sports psychologists, nutritionists, scientists, runn
Published 07/26/21
Malcolm Gladwell is known as one of the biggest creative thinkers and voices of our time. We feel incredibly fortunate to have him join us for this episode, which we recorded live and in-person from his studio in New York. Malcolm is also a runner and most recently ran the open mile at the final...
Published 07/23/21
Reflecting back on the past year and what we have learned. In this 30, 45 minute or 60 run with 2-6 strides, Tina starts as always, with a body scan, senses check in, and conversation. Part meditation, part reflection, part check in, part run, join Tina for a fun, thought-provoking together...
Published 07/19/21