Together Run 26
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Join Tina for something really special, today these together runs are six months old and more runners are joining every week for the community, connection, and closeness to running with a friend. In this 30, 45, and 60 minute run for #togetherrun26, we connect to mother earth, complete a body scan, check in with our senses, and have a conversation. Finishing each version of the run with a few strides. Tina carries a small, handheld mic to make it be as close to running with a friend as possible...without actually doing it. We love hearing feedback and seeing you out on your together runs. Be sure to share. Part meditation, part reflection, part check-in, join Tina for #togetherrun26 Tina mentioned Buy Nothing Groups- see if your area has one. No sponsors today, trying to keep this authentic and like really running with a friend. If you want to support Tina and the Running For Real team: Through a monthly donation on Patreon. To sign up, click here. You can share on social media and let others know about what you are loving in these together runs. You can leave a review on iTunes.  Thanks for listening! We know there are so many podcasts you could be listening to, but we are honored you have chosen Running For Real. If you appreciate the work that we do, here are a few things you can do to support us: Take a screenshot of the episode, and share it with your friends, family, and community on social media, especially if you feel that topic will relate to them. Be sure to tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram  Leave an honest review on iTunes or your favorite podcast player Your ratings and reviews will really help us grow and reach new people Not sure how to leave a review or subscribe, you can find out here. Thank you for joining, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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