Browny's 6 Premiership contenders and the player they can't lose, why is Billy making turkey noises?, Andy Lee - The Rush Hour Catch Up podcast - Wednesday 15th May 2019
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1) sports news - Ben Simmons will be a Boomer 2) Western Bulldogs' Dale Morris 3) why is your neighbour ace? 4) social media feedback 5) The Midweek Rub with Nathan Brown and Damian Barrett 6) Andy Lee 7) Billy's Joke
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1) Richmond's Jack Graham 2) Anti-climaxes 3) Sam Newman pays tribute to Polly Farmer 4) Idiot File Song 5) Billy's bad dreams
Published 08/16/19
1) Billy's Sports Wrap 2) Warner quiet again 3) Joey Montagna 4) does your mate have a weird arse eating habit? 5) new Channel 7 CEO - has JB received a call? 6) Ian Healy 7) Friday Brag Artist 8) Idiot File Song 9) Billy's Joke
Published 08/16/19
1) Billy's Sports Wrap 2) when have you used a pseudonym? 3) Brisbane's Eric Hipwood 4) Nick Kyrgios spits the dummy again 5) Jay Z Clark 6) is there anything more anti-climactic than losing the whole first day of the Lords Test to rain? 7) social media feedback 8) Billy's Joke
Published 08/15/19