If You Give Up Power to Washington, You'll Never Get It Back
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Sara welcomes Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to discuss his ongoing legal battles with the Biden administration. In the latest battle, Brnovich is pushing back against the Treasury Department for trying to tell Arizona how its COVID relief funds can be spent. He also warns other states not to give up any authority to the federal government because they will never be able to get that power back. And Brnovich explains why he is running for U.S. Senate this year. Sara also walks through President Biden's train wreck of a press conference on Ukraine and whether the midterm elections will be legitimate. She also hails the UK for for putting an end to COVID mandates and previews an important story she will be presenting on Fox News in the coming days. Please visit our great sponsors: My Pillow https://www.mypillow.com/ Save 40% on the new My Slippers with code CARTER The Association of Mature American Citizens https://amac.us/carter The benefits of membership are great, but the cause is even greater. Universal Coin Call Universal Coin at 1-800-UCB-GOLD for your pure silver President Trump tribute coin at dealers cost.
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