Being Wrong, Sex Work, Hell
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Why are people so afraid to be wrong? In this episode, Sarah weighs in on the benefits of being incorrect. She offers advice to a caller with trust issues.  Two major Rent-heads call in wanting to know why did Sarah took the role of Alexi Darling in the movie version of Rent. Sarah shares the great advice she got from Idina Menzel, looks at the use of “mam and sir” and expresses her opinion on sex workers. Leave Sarah a voicemail: Please support our sponsors: The Way Out is a groundbreaking book that introduces a new mind-body approach to healing chronic pain. The Way Out is available wherever books are sold. Tru Niagen helps fuel the cell’s energy “engines,” maintains cellular metabolism, and even supports heart health, in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Visit and use code SARAH to save 10% off your first purchase. Get the newest tobacco-free options from Lucy. Visit and use promo code SARAH to get 20% off your order of Lucy Slim Pouches, or any other Lucy products! Furnish your home with Article. Visit and get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more.  Follow Sarah on Instagram at and on Twitter at See for privacy information.
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