Scammers Expected $5,000 But Grandma Buys A Scooter - Ep 1
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Scammers were hoping that their trick would convince me to give them $5,000. Much to their dismay, grandma uses all the money to buy a mobility scooter right in front of their eyes. Video: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Call Synopsis: Scammers claim an IP address from Mexico ordered an iPhone using Edna’s account. The scammers caught them, but now they need to initiate a refund for the $529  purchase. After filling out a very realistic Google Amazon Refund form, she is told she typed in $5290  and Amazon has sent that to her bank account, thanks Amazon! The scammer insists that she must pay  it back right now or he’ll lose his job. Edna has other plans with this gifted money and buys a top-of the-line mobility scooter. The scammer tries desperately to convince her to send him the money back or  he’ll call the police and threatens to come to her house with his lawyer. 
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Published 03/23/23
Everyone has gotten a phone call from a scammer at one point or another. I found the perfect way to mess with scammers not only to get revenge, but to make them angry too! In this episode, I play Richard, who, despite his older age, is a successful business tycoon and investor who has a very...
Published 03/23/23
In this episode, I play an old grandma named Tabitha, and I'm on the phone with scammers claiming to be from Norton Antivirus. They say that I’ve been automatically charged for antivirus software and they can refund me that money by remotely connecting to my computer. The remote connection...
Published 09/30/22