When Scammers Pretend To Be Doctors Part 2 - Ep 3
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This episode is part two of when scammers pretend to be doctors. This scammer is calling our fake patients with survey questions in order to cover my job while I get him gift cards. He’s been trying to get $3500 in gift cards because he sent me too much money to my fake bank.  Let’s find out if he calls any other patients and see if he can get those gift cards. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llF2HEJAYB0 Twitch: https://twitch.tv/kitboga Twitter: https://twitter.com/kitboga Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kitbogashow/ Call Synopsis: Kit (Nevaeh) calls a “McAfee Support” refund scam. Scammer Sean connects to the computer to issue Nevaeh (Abby) a refund. He transfers the call to Scammer Alex the financial manager/senior supervisor. Nevaeh is working from home (for a doctor’s office – Dr. Z. Oidberg) and takes calls from her boss which increasingly frustrates Alex. They refund her $3500 instead of $350 and demand she pay them  back via debit or gift card and lock the computer. Abby is on the verge of losing her job and needs her  computer so she proposes that the scammers do her job while she goes to get gift cards. After some  convincing, Scammer Mark, the manager, agrees to it. This requires him to call 4 patients (Matilda  Sweetwater (Edna), Dallas Smith (Jeb), Samantha Westport, and Geoff Hampton (cranky Edmund ) and give them a survey about their recent doctor appointments. When Abby comes home with the cards, she misinterprets something Matilda told the scammer, accidentally lies to her boss, and is fired. After discovering how the scam works and learning she got  tricked, she taunts the scammers and tells them she could do their job better so they should give her a  job since their trick made her lose hers. She spends a good part of the call quizzing them about how the  scam works and then turns "dark sided" and proposes they should work together to steal from Matilda.  The scammer says he will teach her if she gives him the gift cards but maintains that he is not a scammer but that Abby is. Abby hangs up when he won’t admit it but makes sure to thank him for teaching her everything.
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