Scam Call Turns NUCLEAR Over Expected $1M Fortune Part 1 - Ep 6
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In this episode, I play Francine who got an email from scammers claiming to be from Amazon. They said I purchased a new iPhone  but when I told them I don’t have an Amazon account, they quickly changed gears trying to convince me there were hackers on my computer. Unfortunately for these scammers, things start to get pretty wild when my husband experiments with microwaves that cause my phone to glitch at the worst possible moments. Video: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Amazon/tech support scam – Edna (Francine Williams) received an email for an iPhone ordered on Amazon despite not having an Amazon account. Scammer (Brian Foster) tells her hackers stole email & set up the account and Amazon credit card. After cancelling, Brian insists that her computer needs upgraded securities that she can only get through him over the phone since her computer has been compromised. Throughout the call, Francine and the scammer deal with horrible glitching, both on the computer and over the phone thanks to her husband daisy chaining microwaves together in an attempt to create the world’s first macrowave. To pay for this upgraded security, Francine attempts to use “bite coin” in her Kraken wallet, if only she could remember her pw. Once she successfully logs in, she discovers that the 32 bitcoin she bought 10 years ago have made her a millionaire. Of course, this money is in immediate danger because of the foreign addresses connected to her computer. Brian transfers the call to the less energetic Chris who clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing, so Francine calls fake bitcoin support. Thinking outside the box, another person from “Amazon Support” (Brian’s company) named Mark calls in pretending to be Bitcoin support eager to cash in on that cool million. When Francine insists on talking to the real Kraken support, Mark thinks outside the box and pretends to be the real Kraken support chat assistance. Francine leaves him hanging when Brian calls back, insisting that he get his payment for the hours of work he spent on her. After insisting she will pay and requesting he send her a bill, Brian gives up for the day and Francine thanks him for helping her become a millionaire.
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