Do Not Cut The Cards Part 2 - Ep 9
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In the last episode, I was calling scammers with my guest Veritas  where they asked us to purchase gift cards in "4 pieces". We decided to take that literally. Video: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Call Synopsis: Kit (Dawn) and Guest Veritas (Don) Don contact Windows Cancellation Department scammer Christine, classic refund scam. Don and Dawn mix up Christine’s name all through the call which frustrates her. Following a beautiful rendition of Silent night by Dawn and Don, Christine hears Veritas’ guitar and really gets into the singing mood. She sings “na na na na” [Give Me Some Sunshine] and then everyone sings Ocean Man. All while this is going on, Christine edits the HTML of the fake bank hiding the screen so it shows “Pc help” and fakes transferring $10,000 into the account. She uses cmd prompt to issue a refund, typing in an extra two 0’s when Dawn types in 100. Christine grows increasingly frustrated and tells them she will lose her job and be behind the bars. She begins typing instructions in the address bar of chrome, typing “$500 gift card 4 pieces” before correcting it. Don and Dawn think this is absolutely brilliant and promise to cut the cards and Christine screams that they do not have to cut the cards. Don and Dawn call their son who goes to Best Buy to buy Google Play gift cards. They dutifully cut the cards up into tiny shards while Christine has a meltdown. Then, after realizing they didn’t have to cut the cards, they piece them back together with tape and their son helps them redeem them in front of Christine.
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