They Ransomed My Grandson For $10,000 Part One - Ep 13
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In this episode, I play Richard who is on the phone with scammers claiming to work for Comcast. They say that a recent outage has knocked out some of my internet services and to get them working again, I need to let them connect to my computer. Of course, I went along with their script and let them connect to my PC, only to have them send me too much money as part of their refund…or so they said. They called me many times over multiple days to try and get that money back, but things took an interesting turn when they got desperate and decided to ransom my grandson for thousands of dollars instead. Video: https:/ Twitch: Twitter: Instagram:
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Published 03/23/23
Everyone has gotten a phone call from a scammer at one point or another. I found the perfect way to mess with scammers not only to get revenge, but to make them angry too! In this episode, I play Richard, who, despite his older age, is a successful business tycoon and investor who has a very...
Published 03/23/23
In this episode, I play an old grandma named Tabitha, and I'm on the phone with scammers claiming to be from Norton Antivirus. They say that I’ve been automatically charged for antivirus software and they can refund me that money by remotely connecting to my computer. The remote connection...
Published 09/30/22