Norton Scammer Does My Job - Ep. 16
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Everyone has gotten a phone call from a scammer at one point or another. I found the perfect way to mess with scammers not only to get revenge, but to make them angry too! In this episode, I play Richard, who, despite his older age, is a successful business tycoon and investor who has a very busy day of listening to some interesting investment opportunities ahead. When scammers accidentally transfer too much money to me and demand it be sent back, I ask them to help do my job so I can get their money back to them and save theirs. Things of course didn’t really go their way and they weren’t too happy about it! Video: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram:
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Published 03/23/23
In this episode, I play an old grandma named Tabitha, and I'm on the phone with scammers claiming to be from Norton Antivirus. They say that I’ve been automatically charged for antivirus software and they can refund me that money by remotely connecting to my computer. The remote connection...
Published 09/30/22
This is Part Two of "They Ransomed My Grandson". In this episode, I play Richard who is currently on the phone with scammers pretending to be from Comcast and now the FTC. They’ve promised to help get my grandson out of some legal trouble by calling in a personal favor to the Attorney General of...
Published 07/28/22