How to Make Life More Meaningful
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Chris Sharma is one of the greatest rock climbers of all time, and he's taking on some of the biggest challenges in life: becoming a parent and starting his own business. Chris tries a practice shown to help us craft our own path and purpose in life. Episode summary: Chris Sharma spent his youth traveling the globe and becoming one of the greatest rock climbers of all time. His passion for climbing has filled his life with purpose, but now in middle age, he wants to also focus on other sources of meaning in life that are just as important to him. Chris joins us after trying a practice in life crafting — where you get clear on your values, imagine what your ideal life would look like, and make a plan to get closer to that vision. Later in the show, we hear from Michael Steger, a psychologist and director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University, about the surprising places in our lives we can find meaning, and the different roads we can take towards living a more meaningful life. Try the Life Crafting Practice: Identify your deepest values and passions — what’s most important to you. Reflect on your ideal future: Write a paragraph envisioning how you’d like your social life or your career path to turn out if you had no constraints. Write down how you’ll attain those goals. Prioritize them, and write “if, then” plans for how you’ll overcome obstacles you’re likely to encounter. Make a public commitment. Tell your community about your goals. Learn more about this practice at Greater Good In Action: Today’s guests: Chris Sharma is an elite rock climber known for traveling the world to find the most beautiful and challenging places to rock climb. His new show The Climb premieres on HBO on January 12. Check out the trailer here: Follow Chris on Instagram: Check out his website: Michael Steger is a professor of psychology at Colorado State University, where he is the director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose. Learn more about Steger’s work: Follow Steger on Twitter: Resources from The Greater Good Science Center: Michael Steger: Why We Search for Meaning: Here’s How to Find Meaning in Your Midlife Crisis: What Our Photos Say About Us (Podcast): Purpose in Life Quiz: Living with a Purpose Changes Everything: More On Meaning and Purpose: The Atlantic - The Meaning of Life Is Surprisingly Simple: Pew - Where Americans Find Meaning in Life: Scientific American - To Feel Meaningful Is To Feel Immortal: NPR - What's Your Purpose? Harvard Business Review: What Is the Purpose of Your Purpose? Tell us about how you find meaning in your life. Email us at [email protected] or use the hashtag #happinesspod. Help us share The Science of Happiness! Leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or share this link with someone who might like the show:
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