A special episode of highlights from The Australian's Q&A panel in Sydney, called BEYOND THE VOTE, moderated by Editor-in-Chief Chris Dore and a panel featuring Canberra Bureau Chief Geoff Chambers, senior columnists Chris Kenny and Peter Van Onselen and Scrutineers host Alice Workman.
Published 06/06/19
Published 06/06/19
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled his new ministry and Anthony Albanese has been officially declared the 21st Labor leader. Paul Kelly drops by to offer his post-election analysis and what to expect from ScoMo v Albo in the 46th Parliament.
Published 05/30/19
Nearly a week after the election and Labor are still reeling from the result. Scott Morrison is preparing to name his new ministerial team and it looks like Anthony Albanese will be coronated as the new Labor leader. Troy Bramston and James Jeffrey take a look at what went wrong for Labor and where to from here.
Published 05/23/19
Scott Morrison has pulled off what is being called one of the greatest election wins in Australian history. With six seats still in doubt, the Coalition will form either a majority or minority government. Bill Shorten conceded defeat at 11:30pm and quit as Labor leader, but says he will stay on in Parliament.
Published 05/18/19
Host Alice Workman sits down with The Australian's editorial team - Editor-in-Chief Chris Dore, Editor John Lehmann, Weekend Editor Michelle Gunn and Chief Leader Writer Tom Dusevic - for a behind-the-scenes look at how the paper decides which party (and leader) to endorse for the next three years.
Published 05/16/19
The Australian's NSW Editor Sid Maher has the ultimate election guide on what to expect on Saturday night (including why QLD, VIC and WA are likely to decide the result). Property Editor Turi Condon gets to the bottom of the Liberal's first home buyers announcement and how it compares to Labor's plans... will either help more voters achieve the elusive Australian dream of owning their own home?
Published 05/14/19
Only 8 days to go until Australia officially hits the polls but over 1.5 million Aussies have already made up their minds and cast their vote. Troy Bramston runs through what we should expect in the final week of the campaign and James Jeffrey takes a look at a turning point in this campaign, when Bill Shorten opened up about his mum.
Published 05/10/19
It was Paul Keating (not Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard or Bill Shorten) who made headlines after Labor's campaign launch on Sunday. Foreign editor Greg Sheridan chats about China and Margin Call's Will Glasgow has the dollar figures on how much people are spending to get two hours with the PM at a fundraiser.
Published 05/07/19
12 candidates so far have been dumped, many over comments made on social media. Which begs the question - have dirt units improved or are parties vetting falling short? Troy Bramston gives us his take on why Labor is refusing to release its emissions costings and Rick Morton tells us what it's like behind the scenes on Scott Morrison's campaign bus.
Published 05/03/19
The first leader's debate between Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten had plenty of shadow boxing but no knock-out blows... but will it change any voters? John Ferguson weighs up what impact the Liberals preferencing Clive Palmer will have in Victoria and James Jeffrey dives into One Nation's latest scandal (which we all should have seen coming because just like Chekhov said - if you mention a strip club in act one, it has to kill someone in act three). Oh, and George Christensen has released a...
Published 04/30/19
If you follow the money, you're likely to get an idea of who will win on May 18. Margin Call columnist Will Glasgow chats to Alice Workman about who the biggest donors this election campaign are and why they're handing over their money. And NSW Political Editor Andrew Clennell gives his winners and loser of the week, as well as what key seats in NSW we should be keeping an eye on.
Published 04/26/19
Could Clive Palmer be the king maker who decides next month's election? Paul Kelly chats to Alice Workman about whether the mining magnate's $30 million and counting advertising spend is enough to secure him a Senate seat. Plus Chris Kenny on why Scott Morrison decided to let the media inside his Pentacostal church on Easter Sunday.
Published 04/24/19
From carrot farms in Tasmania to oysters in Adelaide, the campaign is in full swing. Troy Bramston, Caroline Overington and James Jeffrey chat to host Alice Workman about the first week on the hustings.
Published 04/18/19
The election has been set for May 18.
Published 04/12/19
The prime minister was expected to call the election last weekend... but didn't, in a rude snub to everyone who treats predicting elections like a sport. In the meantime, both parties are playing down the latest polls and instead debating whether electric vehicles have grunt. Rick Morton and Michael Roddan join host Alice Workman in this episode of The Scrutineers, as they search for some meaning in a very noisy week of Australian politics.
Published 04/09/19
Labor leader Bill Shorten has thrown down the battler gauntlet in his budget reply, promising more personal tax cuts than the Coalition and a $2.3 billion Medicare reform if he wins next month's election. We're standing by to find out exactly when that will be... but in the meantime Alice Workman speaks with Dennis Shanahan and Rick Morton. Plus, Julie Bishop farewells the 45th Parliament while packing boxes on her last day in Canberra.
Published 04/05/19
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has handed down his first budget, but will it be a vote winner that brings back the base ahead of next month's election. Alice Workman speaks to Dennis Shanahan, Rick Morton and James Jeffrey about the budget that has kicked off the next federal election.
Published 04/02/19