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If you follow the money, you're likely to get an idea of who will win on May 18. Margin Call columnist Will Glasgow chats to Alice Workman about who the biggest donors this election campaign are and why they're handing over their money. And NSW Political Editor Andrew Clennell gives his winners and loser of the week, as well as what key seats in NSW we should be keeping an eye on.
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A special episode of highlights from The Australian's Q&A panel in Sydney, called BEYOND THE VOTE, moderated by Editor-in-Chief Chris Dore and a panel featuring Canberra Bureau Chief Geoff Chambers, senior columnists Chris Kenny and Peter Van Onselen and Scrutineers host Alice Workman.
Published 06/06/19
Published 06/06/19
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled his new ministry and Anthony Albanese has been officially declared the 21st Labor leader. Paul Kelly drops by to offer his post-election analysis and what to expect from ScoMo v Albo in the 46th Parliament.
Published 05/30/19