194. A Perfect Little Beach Town
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Ali tells us the story of her complicated and heartbreaking relationships with two men. Where it leads comes as a complete surprise, to all of them. DIPSEA Get a 30-day free trial when you go to DipseaStories.com/SECRET. MASTERCLASS Secret Room listeners get 15% off unlimited access to every class at MasterClass.com/secretroom. PICTURES See pictures of Ali, her ex and her baby. They are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Handle: @secretroompod. THE SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED  Katarina joins Susie to talk about the extreme religious group she grew up up in.  Her parents kept her isolated from everyone on the outside. Her mother held a belief so extreme, even those within the inner circle outcast her. The Secret Room | Unlocked is yours when you support your favorite indie podcast that could with a membership at patreon.com/secretroom. ALL OUR SPONSORS  See all our sponsors past and present, and their offers, many of which are still valid: secretroompodcast.com/codes  FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP There's even more fun at The Secret Room Podcast Facebook Discussion Page!  Just ask to join, all are welcome. :) YOUR SECRET  Click "Share a Secret" at secretroompod.com! PODCAST TEAM  Producer: Susie Lark. Story Development: Luna Patel. Shadow Producer: Allison Kelly, Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder. LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at SecretRoomPod.com!
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