Published 12/22/21
Published 12/15/21
What do you imagine when you hear the word celibacy? A monk taking a vow of chastity? Someone denying themselves pleasure? Do you think of incels posting misogynistic threads to Reddit in the dark? Do you imagine someone saving themselves for marriage or God? Do you think that if you go too long without penetrative sex, you’ll grow cobwebs? Do you consider celibacy the absence of all orgasms - including masturbation? Have you ever gone through a period of self-imposed celibacy? For our season...
Published 06/30/20
This week on The Sex Ed podcast, we're celebrating our 50th episode with an homage to Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll of the 60s and 70s with legends Bebe Buell and Pamela Des Barres.  Pamela Des Barres and Bebe Buell are icons who have written groundbreaking, NY Times bestselling memoirs about their wild times loving and leaving some of the biggest rock stars of their day. Liz spoke with Bebe & Pamela about double standards, STDs, "free love" and the innocence of days gone by. Here's to a...
Published 06/23/20
Harvey Guillén is a GLAAD-award winning actor and producer who currently stars as Guillermo on the FX TV show, What We Do In The Shadows. Harvey joined me to discuss pansexual vampires; fatphobia in the LGBTQ community; sneaking into the 18+ section of Circus of Books as a teenager; and what his dream Hollywood project is. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 06/16/20
Justin Simien is the creator of the incredible film and Netflix series DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, which is now in its third season, and the upcoming film BAD HAIR. Liz spoke to this renaissance man about queer black cinema; being the target of alt-right trolls; how he learned to market films before he made one; Buddhism; Carl Jung, Terence Nance and more. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 06/09/20
Ramy Youssef is the Golden Globe-winning creator and star of RAMY on Hulu, which debuts its second season on May 29. Liz spoke with Ramy about faith and sex; observing Ramadan during quarantine; the differences between his fictional and real self; filling the void with emotional eating and porn; and how to find the middle ground between earthly desires and the divine. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 05/26/20
Kate Lister is a historian and author of A CURIOUS HISTORY OF SEX, a new book that covers her years of research into the history of sex and sexuality. She is also the brains behind the popular website and twitter account, Whores of Yore. In this week’s episode, Kate and Liz discuss their favorite historical slang; masturbating medieval gargoyles; and how the Victorians used bicycles to get off. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 05/19/20
Mykki Blanco is an internationally renowned performance artist, LGBTQ activist, and musician who’s worked with the likes of Bjork, Madonna, Kathleen Hanna, Major Lazer and more. Liz sat down with Mykki to chat about how transitioning has changed their sex life; sending letters to their heroes; the NYC art world; being HIV positive; and touring in the Middle East. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 05/12/20
Riley Reid is an adult superstar whose videos have been viewed over a billion times on PornHub. She’s won countless awards, including AVN’s Female Performer of the Year and XBiz’s Best New Starlet, amongst others. In this week’s episode, Riley and Liz talk about being the CEO of a porn brand with major millennial appeal; how YouTube is giving her a crossover fan base; porn and safe sex in the time of COVID-19; why she likes “vanilla” sex off camera and what she is learning about intimacy. Be...
Published 05/05/20
Joel Kim Booster is a hilarious and talented comedian whose stand-up has been seen on CONAN, Netflix, and Comedy Central. He is also a writer for the animated show BIG MOUTH and THE OTHER TWO, amongst others. In this episode, Liz and Joel talk about growing up in an Evangelical household; his thoughts on the fertility industry as an adopted child; his leaked nudes; and the Jane Austen anal sex joke that he has tattooed on his body. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com...
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
Ana de la Reguera is an actress, producer and activist. Liz talked to Ana about her new semi-autobiographical TV show, ANA, which she created, wrote, produced and stars in; her experiences in the telenovela world; why you need to find someone who’s got check, chic and shock; and how she’s coming of age sexually in her 40s. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit TheSexEd.com for more!
Published 04/21/20
Peggy Orenstein is the author of the groundbreaking NY Times bestseller Girls & Sex, and its followup, Boys & Sex. Her byline has appeared in the NY Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post and more. Liz talked to Peggy about “feminist fuckboys”; teaching boys to embrace their vulnerability and process complex emotions; why hookup culture isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, regardless of gender; and what we can do to raise boys away from the shadow of toxic masculinity. Be sure to follow us...
Published 04/14/20
Dr. Joycelyn Elders was the first African-American woman to hold the position of Surgeon General of the United States, from 1993-1994. During her short time in office, Dr. Elders stirred up trouble with her strong stances in favor of comprehensive sex education, drug legalization and expanded abortion access. Liz spoke to this sex ed icon about being the Condom Queen of Washington, DC; entering the White House shortly after the Anita Hill trial; growing up in Dust Bowl-era Arkansas; the...
Published 04/07/20
Alessandro Michele is Gucci’s Creative Director. To celebrate our partnership with Gucci, Liz sat down with Alessandro in Milan to talk about his erotic relationship to nature; why Rome is his mistress; moving beyond confining modes of masculinity; his passion for dressing like a 1950s granny and how he channels orgasmic energy every day. Be sure to visit thesexed.com and follow us on instagram @TheSexEd; for more about Gucci, visit Gucci.com.
Published 04/01/20
SEASON FINALE! Artificial Intelligence & SEX. What does sex, love, and consciousness look like in the digital age? What are the apps that we interact with daily doing with our most intimate information? How deep and dark can virtual reality get? For the Season 2 finale, Liz talks to three experts about the intersection of sex and artificial intelligence: Gray Scott, a techno-philosopher; Stephanie Dinkins, a visual artist working with revolutionary AI; and Bruce Duncan, the managing...
Published 10/02/19
Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg are life-long friends, as well as co- creators and writers of the hilarious Emmy-nominated animated Netflix show, BIG MOUTH. Liz, Nick and Andrew discussed writing comedy about the awkward stages of puberty; Hormone Monsters; enthusiastic consent; and how to be a woke man in the 21st century. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit thesexed.com for more!
Published 09/25/19
Jill Soloway is the creator, writer, and director of the groundbreaking Amazon series TRANSparent, I Love Dick, and more. They are also the author of the bestselling memoir She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy. Liz and Jill talked about Hollywood power dynamics, the importance of being awkward; navigating their own #MeToo moment on set -and, of course, toppling the patriarchy. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit thesexed.com for more!
Published 09/18/19
Alice Little is likely the top earning legal sex worker in America, where she is the #1 luxury companion at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. In 2018, she cleared more than $1.2 million and is on track to top that in 2019. Alice holds degrees in psychology, sociology, physiology and anatomy and is an advocate for legalized sex work and sex education. She also hosts her own educational podcast, blog, and YouTube channel. Alice and Liz talk about the logistics of legalized sex work, from...
Published 09/11/19
Lykke Li is a singer, songwriter, mother and co-owner of Yola Mezcal. She has been on tour supporting her record SO SAD SO SEXY and follow-up EP, STILL SAD STILL SEXY, which came out in 2018 and 2019. Lykke and Liz talk about creating art from pain; motherhood in the music business; why she’s over music festivals and how her personal definitions of love have evolved.
Published 09/04/19
Rebecca Sugar is an animator, writer, musician, and creator of the groundbreaking animated series Steven Universe. They are the first non-male ever to create their own series on Cartoon network, which featured the first ever engagement and wedding between same-sex characters. Rebecca has won several GLAAD awards, a Peabody and has received multiple Emmy nominations. In this episode, Rebecca and Liz discuss the importance of making wholesome LGBTQ+ content; their role in educating children -...
Published 08/28/19
This week’s podcast features Ashlee Marie Preston, who is an activist and journalist. Ashlee was the first openly trans person to run for state office in California, as well as the first trans person to become editor-in-chief of a nationwide publication. Ashlee and Liz talk about how tattoos have been a source of empowerment for her; life as a survival sex worker; and how transitioning, by it’s very definition, doesn’t follow a linear path.
Published 08/21/19
Carrie Goldberg is a victim’s rights attorney and founder of C.A. Goldberg, a cutting edge law firm that helps victims fight pervs, assholes, psychos, and trolls. Some of her most prominent legal battles include ongoing cases against the New York Department of Education and Grindr. Carrie details her own experience with a vengeful ex which changed the course of her career; how the internet is outpacing law enforcement; what to do if you are being harassed online; and her new book, Nobody’s...
Published 08/14/19
Dr. Rachael Ross is a sexologist, family physician, mother, and founder of the Dr. Rachael Institute where she certifies other sexologists. Dr. Rachael and Liz chat about the importance of age appropriate sex education, giving kids ownership over their bodies, getting back to the pleasure potential of sex, and how labels can confine us. Dr. Rachael also answered some questions submitted by our Sex Ed community! Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
Published 08/07/19