Carrie Goldberg
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Carrie Goldberg is a victim’s rights attorney and founder of C.A. Goldberg, a cutting edge law firm that helps victims fight pervs, assholes, psychos, and trolls. Some of her most prominent legal battles include ongoing cases against the New York Department of Education and Grindr. Carrie details her own experience with a vengeful ex which changed the course of her career; how the internet is outpacing law enforcement; what to do if you are being harassed online; and her new book, Nobody’s Victim, which is out now! Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
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What do you imagine when you hear the word celibacy? A monk taking a vow of chastity? Someone denying themselves pleasure? Do you think of incels posting misogynistic threads to Reddit in the dark? Do you imagine someone saving themselves for marriage or God? Do you think that if you go too long...
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Harvey Guillén is a GLAAD-award winning actor and producer who currently stars as Guillermo on the FX TV show, What We Do In The Shadows. Harvey joined me to discuss pansexual vampires; fatphobia in the LGBTQ community; sneaking into the 18+ section of Circus of Books as a teenager; and what his...
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