Our guest this week is Dr. Linda Mona, a highly honored clinical psychologist specializing in patients with chronic health conditions and disabilities. Dr. Mona works as a consultant to healthcare service providers, in addition to her private practice, where she focuses on the importance of sexual health as a means of improving overall quality of life. Dr. Mona and Liz talk about digital dating with a disability; her favorite sex toy reccomends and how a disability can in fact make you MORE...
Published 07/17/19
Today, our guest is Imani Gandy, lawyer, senior legal analyst for Rewire.News and co-host of their Boom! Lawyered podcast. Imani is a self-described recovering attorney who founded and writes the award-winning blog Angry Black Lady Chronicles. Imani and Liz discuss the capitalistic history of abortion laws in the United States going back to the 1850s; the nuances of how our government can and does legislate abortion, and actionable ways we can support others as reproductive justice becomes...
Published 07/10/19
Our latest guest is Tony Goldwyn. Tony is an actor, director, producer, activist and the brother of The Sex Ed host Liz!  Tony has starred on television as President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s SCANDAL for 7 seasons; directed feature films and appeared has on and off Broadway for over 25 years. Tony and Liz discuss male privilege; their father’s sometimes “tough love” advice; appearing nude onstage and on screen; what it was like to become a sex symbol at 50 and how intimacy evolves with age....
Published 07/03/19
Today, our guest is Rabbi Denise Eger, who leads Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood. Rabbi Eger is one of the first lesbian Rabbis to work openly in the United States, and was the first queer President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, which is the largest organization of Rabbis in the world. Rabbi Eger gives a blessing before beginning a conversation about sex and spirituality; the myth of Lilith; ordaining California’s first legal lesbian wedding and how she is leading her...
Published 06/26/19
Our guest this week is Mistress Velvet, Chicago’s premiere African domme Goddess. A practitioner of BDSM, Mistress Velvet often makes her cis, white subs read and write essays about black feminist theory. Liz talks with Mistress Velvet about the “whorearchy,” her post work self care routine, why sex workers are being excluded from traditional sex ed, and the ways in which her academic studies have overlapped with her professional life. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
Published 06/19/19
This week’s episode features legendary fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Jeremy is the creative force behind his own label, Jeremy Scott, has had an ongoing collaboration with Adidas for over a decade, and is also the creative director of Moschino. His designs have been worn by icons such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Rihanna. Old friends Liz and Jeremy talk about letting his fashion freak flag fly as a teenager in Missouri; making it in Paris as a designer; and how gender identity and...
Published 06/12/19
Today, our guest is Barbara Carrellas, the founder of Urban Tantra, an approach to conscious sexuality that adapts and blends a wide variety of sacred sexuality practices from Tantra to BDSM. Barbara and Liz talk about conscious kink; that one time she had an energy orgasm in a tree; how Tantra can prepare you for death; and so much more. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
Published 06/05/19
Today, our guest is Midori, a legendary sex educator, author, and artist. Midori wrote the classic rope bible, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, which was the first English-language book on shibari. We chatted about bondage’s roots in warfare, incarceration, and slavery, 1940s erotic imagery in the US and Japan, being part of San Francisco’s sex positive movement in the 1980s and why, when tying up a lover for the first time, it’s important to maintain eye contact.
Published 05/29/19
Today, our guest is Natasha Lyonne, actress, director, producer, writer and renaissance woman, whose most recent brainchild is the Netflix series Russian Doll. Longtime friends Natasha and Liz talk about the power dynamics of appearing nude on screen; their shared fascination with women like Mae West and Alla Nazimova; sexual appetite; and why the brain is a major turn-on.  Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
Published 05/22/19
Our guest for this episode is Sahar Pirzada, a social worker, organizer and educator. Sahar is the programs and outreach manager for HEART Women & Girls, a nonprofit that provides culturally sensitive sex education to Muslim communities across the United States. Sahar and Liz talk about her own experiences of Islamophobia in the reproductive health care system; how to meet people where they’re at with sex education needs; and why faith and sexuality are not mutually exclusive. For more,...
Published 05/15/19
For our Season 2 premiere, our guest is Violet Chachki— iconic drag queen, aerialist and burlesque performer! Violet is the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and a showgirl who tours the world. On this episode, Violet and Liz discuss Catholic school uniforms, breaking Drag Race taboos, being a fashion icon and working with Dita Von Teese. Be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd for more!
Published 05/08/19
No one person is an expert in love. So, for our season finale, Liz asked 50 strangers about LOVE: What is love? Does love hurt? Is love scary? Have you been in love? Their answers reflected a diversity of experiences and perceptions from young, old, single, happily partnered, divorced, polyamorous and currently heartbroken people.  From fears of dying alone and being eaten by cats, to a couple that have been together 47 years— this episode covers it all. Visit www.thesexed.com to stay up to...
Published 02/12/19
Betony Vernon is a sexual anthropologist, mistress of the ropes, the author of The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today, and the designer behind Jewel Tools—a line of haute couture erotic jewelry. In this episode, Liz and Betony discuss the time Betony professionally tied Liz up (!) as well as digital dating and how bondage can be a healing tool for trauma. Learn more at BetonyVernon.com. You can also see a video of a talk we had in London with MatchesFashion on TheSexEd.com.
Published 02/05/19
Dr. Wendy Cherry is a Sex Therapist and Executive Director and co-founder of the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST.) Dr. Cherry is also Co-Director of UCLA’s AACAST’s programming, for Medical residents, undergrads, licensed and practicing sex therapists. On this episode, Liz and Wendy cover what sex therapy is and how it works, how we can overcome internalized erotic shame, and how to break the ice to your partner when you want to address an issue in the bedroom.
Published 01/29/19
Erica Chidi Cohen is a doula, author and cofounder of LOOM— a center in Los Angeles that provides empowered education from periods to parenting. She has guided thousands of people in their transition from pregnancy to parenthood in her practice and through her book, Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood. Erica and Liz discuss doula care for patients through birth and abortion, how pregnancy effects sex drive and why there’s no such thing as the “best way” to give...
Published 01/22/19
Paul Fishbein founded AVN Media Network, the adult film industry’s leading trade publication, and the annual AVN Convention and Awards Show in Las Vegas, otherwise known as the “Oscars of Porn.” Now Paul is producer of the Showtime Series “Submission” and “Sex With Sunny Megatron,” amongst others. In this episode Liz and Paul discuss how a college kid with no knowledge of porn ending up founding the industry giant, how he’s transitioned to making Hollywood product and why he considers himsel
Published 01/15/19
Sunny Rodgers is a clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, sex educator, ordained minister, and, among many, many other things— a regular contributor to TheSexEd.com. In this episode, Liz and Sunny cover everything from non-gendered sex toys, to prostate pleasure to the healing power of sex. You can find Sunny on Twitter @SunnyRodgers or at coachsunnyrodgers.com.
Published 01/08/19
Diana Winston is the Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, aka “MARC.” MARC's mission is to foster mindful awareness across the lifespan of humanity to promote well-being and a more compassionate society. In this episode, Liz and Diana discuss what exactly mindfulness is, practical ways to integrate it in your daily routine, how to have more conscious sex, and— she leads Liz in a guided meditation which you can follow along.
Published 01/01/19
Dita Von Teese is known as The Queen of Burlesque. She re-popularized the art form in the 90s and remains its most well-known performer. She is also an author, model and designer. In this episode, real life bosom buddies Liz and Dita chat about the first time she discovered kink, how working strip clubs can prepare you for the real world and the unbridled joy of taking a pie to the face. Follow Dita @DitaVonTeese. To see more Dita, visit TheSexEd.com for a talk we had at The Hammer Museum in...
Published 12/25/18
Karina Longworth is the creator of “You Must Remember This”, a podcast about the secrets and forgotten histories of early Hollywood and the author of the book, Seduction: Sex, Lies and Stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood about the women whose careers and lives Hughes changed. Liz catches up with Karina during her book tour to discuss sex on the silver screen in cinema’s golden age and the long history of hollywood’s boys club.
Published 12/18/18
Carrie Wambach, M.D. is a board certified OB GYN with a speciality in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. At her private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Wambach helps patients with fertility plans, egg freezing and hormone imbalances, as well as treating recurrent miscarriage and premature ovarian failure. In this episode Dr. Wambach and Liz discuss infertility, surrogacy and why there is such overwhelming cultural pressure to conceive.
Published 12/11/18
Lexington Steele is a world-famous hall of fame porn-star with three AVN Performer of the Year Awards—basically the Best Actor Oscar for porn—and is still going strong, two decades later. We discussed his transition from stockbroker to porn-star, and how race and gender affect the careers of adult performers. Lex has been directing as long as he's been in porn, establishing Mercenary Pictures in 2003, followed by Lexington Steele Media Group, with Savana Styles in 2017. Follow him on twitter...
Published 12/04/18
Gwen McClendon is a minister at Shabach Christian Fellowship Church in Los Angeles. She has also been a sex educator since 1969. With over 50 years of experience speaking to teenagers about sexuality, both in the public school system and as a Youth Pastor, Gwen understands first hand why abstinence only education doesn’t work. In this interview Gwen and Liz have a nuanced conversation about sex, love and God, as well as teenage hormones and the church’s responsibilities when it comes to sex...
Published 11/27/18
Nina Hartley is a world-famous adult film actress, director, author, and educator. She first achieved mainstream recognition in the 80s and 90s for promoting sex-positive feminism. Today, she tours the country giving university lectures on self-love and sexual awareness. You can find Nina at her website, Nina.com, and follow her on Twitter where she’s @ninaland. To see more Nina, visit TheSexEd.com, where you can watch a video of a talk we had at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.
Published 11/20/18
Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, MD, is a urologist specializing in Sexual Medicine. He has devoted his career to studying and treating sexual dysfunction, with a special concentration on LGBTQ+ issues. On this episode we discuss erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, birth control side effects, and a whole host of other medical mysteries that don’t get discussed enough in polite company. Find him at JoshuaGonzalezMD.com, on twitter @SexMedLA. Dr. Gonzalez is also a regular contributor to...
Published 11/13/18