Sex Scene - April Edition - Four Kings
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Its spring and this month The Sex Scene begins with discussion of David’s irritating wake up call, Paranormal Activity 2, deleted scenes from Bean, DVD special features and the TV show Medium. David chooses to review Four Lions and discusses its risqué nature, small theatrical release and its best jokes. He also ponders as to whether the film is under appreciated, the stark contrasts that can be made and the films crazy climax. Liam tackles Peter Jackson’s King Kong, contemplating Jack Black’s performance, its length and the most dramatic scenes. Discussion continues with more on the story, the main characters turning point and the New York chaos. The Did You Know Segment uncovers the lack of initial success for The Shawshank Redemption and why Hollywood is situated in California. The News Hit brings to light more information on the Monsters Inc. Sequel and what’s next for Arnold Schwarzenegger. All this week on The Sex Scene! We’d like to thank for providing music for the podcast. Please check out and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar. The theme song is Porno Movie by Ampsex!
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