The Skeptics Guide #882 - Jun 4 2022
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News Items: Exascale Supercomputer, Dinosaurs Warm or Cold Blooded, Preventing Violent Crime, Revising the Evolutionary Tree, New Optical Illusion; Quickie with Bob: Gato AI; Who's That Noisy; Your questions and E-mails: Reading Systematic Reviews; Science or Fiction
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What's the Word: Pleonasm; Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engine, Tik Tok and Misinformation, 3D Printed Rocket, Beethoven's Hair, Uranus Moons and Subsurface Oceans; Follow up: Oumuamua Comet Hypothesis; Who's That Noisy; Science or Fiction
Published 03/25/23
Interview with Derek Muller from Veritasium; Update: Mask Wearing; News Items: New Lunar Space Suits, End of Life Care, GPT-4 is Here, Terminator Zones, Ohio Chemical Spill
Published 03/18/23