The Skeptics Guide #826 - May 8 2021
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Interview with Andy Weir; SGU 16 years; News Items: Electric Planes, Website Diversity, Evolution of Multicellularity, NASA Solar Probe, Chinese Space Program; Who's That Noisy; Science or Fiction
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COVID Update: Mu Variant; News Items: Just Below Pricing, Magnetic Field Record, Mars Rock Sample, Getting Rid of Cash; Who's That Noisy; Your E-mails and Questions: Electric Cars; Science or Fiction
Published 09/11/21
Live from NECSS 2021; Your Number's Up: Googol; News Items: Poison Frogs, Let Kid's Roam, Going Electric, Artificial Neurons, Neutron Star Mountains, Biggest Things in the Universe Don't Exist; Science or Fiction
Published 09/04/21
Interview with Eugenie Scott; COVID Update: FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine; News Items: Ant Underground Cities, Food Allergy Myths, The White Lady of Union Cemetery, Feng Shui in Australia; Who’s That Noisy; Science or Fiction
Published 08/28/21