The Skeptics Guide #848 - Oct 9 2021
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Update on SGU Activities; News Items: Space Radiation Shielding, Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry; SGU Recommends: Oats Studios; Quickie with Bob - Large Comet; Name That Logical Fallacy; Science or Fiction
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Live from Denver; Special Segment: Families, Vaccines, and Thanksgiving; News Items: Russia Shoots Down Satellite, Asteroid May Be Moon Fragment, Loss Aversion, Bank Robber Identifies After 52 Years, Alex Jones Liable in Sandy Hook Case, Spinlaunch; Science or Fiction
Published 11/27/21
News Items: Kilometer Long Spaceship, Social Media and Kids, Bionic Arm, Embryo Research, Trust in Science; Quickie with Bob: Caves on Mars; Mystery Quotes; Science or Fiction
Published 11/14/21