#296: Dom Roberts is a creative activist and host of The Uncomfortable Podcast. At 22 years old Dom left her full time job at Nordstroms to dive into activism and is inspiring people around the globe to take action around causes they believe in by providing tangible advice and tools to start participating as activists. On today's episode we discuss the chaos that is 2020, cancel culture, forgiveness, empathy, and how we can try and understand each other better. 
Published 09/22/20
#295: On this episode we are joined by Claudia Sulewski. Claudia is a digital creator and YouTuber who has built a massive online community since the age of 13. She was early on to YouTube and actually stopped going to high school and started online courses to pursue a career online. The online creator was able to build a massive audience and career by following her path and taking a chance creating videos online. Since then she has continued to build a brand in new mediums. In this episode...
Published 09/18/20
#294: On this episode we are joined by Molly Carmel. Molly Carmel, LCSW is the Founder and Director of The Beacon Programs in New York City, an outpatient program that helps people with compulsive overeating, food addiction, and eating disorders find permanent solutions. On today's episode we discuss diet culture, eating disorders, food addictions, and how we can take personal accountability to help find permanent solutions. 
Published 09/15/20
#293: On this episode we are joined by Saundra Pelletier. Saundra is the CEO of Evofem Biosciences, a biotech company pioneering the future of birth control with their new product Phexxi. On this episode we discuss how Saundra took a Biotech company public, beat cancer, and pioneered a new way for women to practice birth control. This episode covers, birth control, hormones, the future of sex and so much more.
Published 09/08/20
#292: On today's episode we are joined by entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor, David Hauser. David is best known for co-founding the Grasshopper Group, a virtual telephone service acquired by the Citrix Systems for $170 Million. On this episode we discuss how to invest as an angle investor, how to raise money and when to raise money for your business, how to start a business, and how to figure out if you are an entrepreneur. 
Published 09/04/20
#291: On this episode we sit down with developmental psychologist, Dr. Aliza Pressman. Dr. Pressman is the Co-Founding Director and Director of Clinical Programming for the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, as well as a Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  She is also the host of the "Raising Good Humans Podcast" and on today's episode we discuss how are personalities evolve from childhood and how we can help our children...
Published 09/01/20
#290: On this episode we are joined by Amelia Gray Hamlin. Amelia is a model, actress, and the daughter of Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin. On today's episode we discuss how Amelia overcame an eating disorder and shared that journey with the world. We also discuss the social pressures of growing up with parents in the spotlight and how a little television show called The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has impacted her living life on her own terms. 
Published 08/25/20
#289: On this episode we are joined by The Skin Jedi, Sonya Dakar. Sonya is a legendary aesthetician, chemist, and entrepreneur with a celebrity clientele that includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood. On today's episode we discuss how Sonya built a skin empire, how to keep and maintain youthful skin, celebrity beauty secrets, and glassy complexion. 
Published 08/21/20
#289: On this episode Lauryn and Michael breakdown what they believe makes a relationship stay afloat. Covering topics on how couples manage finances, work together, parent together, stop fighting, and have better sex. The couple discuss why they believe their relationship works and try to provide tips and tactics for couples to stay in health relationships.
Published 08/18/20
#287: On this episode we are joined again by our friend Ben Greenfield. Ben is a former bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, human performance consultant, speaker and author of 13 books. He works with individuals from all over the globe for both body and brain performance, and specializes in anti-aging, biohacking, and achieving an ideal combination of performance, health and longevity. Today we discuss gut health, inflammation, how to boost our immune systems, how to have better sex, and our...
Published 08/11/20
#286: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Alyssa Berlin PsyD. Dr. Berlin is a clinical psychologist specializing in pregnancy, postpartum and parenting and on today's episode she is helping Lauryn and Michael navigate the intricacies of postpartum as a couple. This episode covers how couples can potentially work together to understand each other more once a child enters into the mix. 
Published 08/07/20
#285: On this episode we are joined again by Heather McDonald. Heather is an American actress, comedian and author. She is also a fellow podcaster and host of the wildly popular Juicy Scoop podcast. This is Heather's second appearance on the show and on today's episode we are getting all the juice on the current state of the world, entertainment, reality tv, influencers, podcasters, and much more. 
Published 08/04/20
#284: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Christian Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez is a naturopathic doctor focused on integrative oncology and primarily breast cancer. He is also focused on educating patients on environmental medicine, mindset, and healing the body. He hosts the Heal Thyself Show and on this episode we are discussing healthy supplements, grounding, potential cancer prevention, nutrition, and how to identify underlying causes of illness. 
Published 07/28/20
#283: On this episode we are joined by Southern Charm's Naomi Olindo and Hellen Hall. This conversation is a round table that carries into multiple topics including weight loss & management, productivity hacks, daily routines, Ayahuasca trips, intermittent fasting practices, & more!
Published 07/24/20
#282: On this episode Lauryn and her trainer Kim Kelly discuss weight loss tactics, healthy hacks, low cal recipes, and skinny tips. The duo gets tactical on how you can live and feel your best using simple tools and an iphone app. 
Published 07/21/20
#281: On this episode we are joined again by world renowned and double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Diamond. This episode covers a lot of ground when it comes to facial procedures. We discuss who, what, how, and where to look to get procedures done. We also discuss procedures in detail including lip lifts, buccal fat pad removal, jaw sculpting & snatching, and brow lifts. 
Published 07/14/20
#280: On this episode we are joined by Topsie VandenBosch. Topsie is a mindset coach committed to helping female entrepreneurs who are struggling with toxic thought patterns, negative thoughts, and beliefs. Today we discuss how to be anti-racist, how to invite others into hard conversations, how to listen and learn from another persons experience, and how to educate yourself to be a better person. We also discuss mindset for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to improve and break through...
Published 07/10/20
#279: On this episode we are joined by Dr. Dennis Colonello D.C., P.T.. Dr. Colonello’s training is unique in that he has the combined knowledge of a doctor of chiropractic and traditional injury rehabilitation training of a physical therapist. He has been a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years, and has treated a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars, athletes, and olympic athletes. On today's episode we discuss the nervous system, wellness, immunity, and dive into understanding the...
Published 07/07/20
#278: On this episode we are joined again by Dr. Steven Gundry. Dr. Gundry is a best selling author, cardiac surgeon, and medical researcher. On today's episode we discuss hormone balance, how to build our immune system to help defend against Covid-19, and what are diets could look like for increased longevity. 
Published 06/30/20
#277: On this episode we are joined by entrepreneur Josh Zad. Josh is the founder and creator of the wildly popular coffee brand; Alfred's Coffee. On this episode we discuss how to stand out in a crowded marketplace, how to build a brand, how to launch a business, and how to stay disciplined to find success throughout the process.
Published 06/26/20
#276: On this episode Lauryn and Michael are solo to share a list of tactics and practices that they use to manage stress and anxiety in their own lives. The couple share what each of them do individually to help manage the stress of day to day life and how they are able to limit anxiety in their lives by doing so. 
Published 06/23/20
#275: On this episode we sit down with high performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais. This is Dr. Gervais' second appearance on the show. His first was episode 120. Dr. Gervais works with some of the best in the world including olympians, internationally acclaimed artists, musicians and MVPs from every major sport and fortune 100 companies. On today's show we discuss how to combat anxiety, how to deal with narcissists, how to start the day right, and how to avoid negativity.
Published 06/16/20
#274: On this episode we are joined by our long time producer Taylor O'Connor AKA "The Barenaked Cucumber". Taylor has made multiple appearances on the show over the years and has produced it with us since day one. Today we are catching up with him to discuss how he's adjusted to quarantine and the world around him. 
Published 06/12/20
#273: On this episode we are joined by The LadyGang, Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, & Becca Tobin. On this episode we discuss relationship advice, therapy, & quarantine routines. 
Published 06/09/20
#272: On this episode we are joined by The Dissenters, Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani. Debra Messing is an actress, activists, mom, and founding member of “I Am A Voter” and Mandana Dayani is the creator and co-founder of “I Am A Voter”, an entrepreneur, activist, lawyer, public speaker and media personality. On this episode we sit down to discuss activism and how to get involved, voting and the importance to of exercising this right, and  how we can constantly educate ourselves to be better. 
Published 06/05/20