58: My Story Part 3/3 : Chatting With My Brother & Sister
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This episode is a LONG TIME COMING! I’m calling it Part 3 to MY STORY and if you missed part 1 & 2 check out episodes 19 and 20 from exactly a year ago when I took the time to outline a bit about my past.  This conversation is almost sacred to me because I treasure my relationship with my brother and my sister so much. I almost wondered if I should share it here but I think there is value here. I hope for the many of you who have reached out and shared about your own estrangement or isolation from you family that you are encouraged to do the personal work and be open to restoration. And I also hope to inspire you over the next couple months especially with the holidays coming around, that you take time to ask hard and deep questions to your brothers and sisters and take time to process and visit old and wonderful memories. You share a bond that withstands time and space.   Here is the conversation I had with my sister, Sarah and my brother Jared!   Catch up on Parts 1 & 2 by downloading  Episode 19  &  Episode 20 Have you downloaded my FREE mobile Lightroom Preset? Get it here!  (*Save DNG file to camera roll and import to Lightroom for use!*) Have you thought about buying essential oils? You can purchase through Leah and receive the world's most loved essential oils, doTERRA, and have access to Leah's wellness community and exclusive goodies. Here are some favorite choices to get started:           Purchase doTERRA with Leah! (ID# 280977)    OR    Starter Kit: 10 oils with coconut oil      Music: Theme: “Sweet Georgia” by Assaf Ayalon Outro: Arcade by Generation Lost Guest Intro: “I Don’t Know What’s Gonna Kill Me” by A.M. Beef Ad: “Edo by Dawn” by A. M. Beef  
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