59: Here's What Happened: Gua Sha
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Smooth skin, clarity, brightness, rosy cheeks, reduced fine lines, improved tone, alternative to Botox? SIGN ME UP! We are talking about Gua Sha. This self-massage is the new darling of the natural beauty world! I tried Gua Sha daily for 30 days and loved my results, matter of fact I'm obsessed and it's my new favorite way to take care of my skin along with oil cleansing.  Here is my experience and a little bit on why this is the key to healthy lymphatic flow in your face and neck!    Favorite Gua Sha resources:  Britta's IG page   The stone I use and a great blog on Gua Sha     Would you like to try a sample of doTERRA essential oils? I would LOVE to send some your way. The experience is everything!  Simply send me an email "I want to try a sample"! and let me know what type of oil you would like to try.... sleep, digestion, muscle recovery, stress, headaches, or more!   Email me here:  [email protected]    Music: Theme: “Sweet Georgia” by Assaf Ayalon Outro: Arcade by Generation Lost Ad: “Edo by Dawn” by A. M. Beef  
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