62: It’s Not Too Late w/ Branding Strategist & Twin Mom - Jessica Lynn
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Ever received [good] news that changed everything? My guest sure did and in today's episode we hear from twin mom turned brilliant branding strategist Jessica Lynn.  Jessica has a hilarious story about how her career shift came about and more.  If you are considering getting in to the online space, already have a presence and want to make it cohesive, you will really appreciate the tips and principles Jessica share in this conversation.  Check out Jessica's latest! Grab a ready-made brand at The Branding Bar. Everything you need to craft a luxe look online for the tip-jar price.  Check it out here! Jessica's website: https://www.jessicalynndesign.com  Leah's Insta: instagram.com/smallqueendom  Have a suggestion for a topic, a "Here's What Happened" segment, want to leave feedback or ask Leah about essential oils?  Send an email to [email protected]      Music: Theme: “Sweet Georgia” by Assaf Ayalon Outro: Arcade by Generation Lost Guest Intro: “I Don’t Know What’s Gonna Kill Me” by A.M. Beef  
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