AMA: Fights Between Couples Sessions, The Cost Of Keeping the Peace, Owning Your Needs - Jayson & Ellen - 406
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“What are some pointers you’d offer someone who feels unmet in their emotional needs due to their husband’s avoidant emotionally unavailable tendencies?”   “What do you do in between counseling sessions when something even more hurtful has just been revealed?”  “In an avoidant-insecure partnership, is compromising simply a reframe to keep the peace, and am I denying my need for a healthy, working relationship?” Our TRS Support Group is ripe with like-minded people doing their work, asking hard questions, practicing curiosity, taking accountability for how they show up, garnering compassion for their significant others, and offering moral support. Ellen and I regularly thumb through comments and answer questions here in our Ask Me Anything episodes over a cup of coffee.    Useful Links:
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