Psychoanalysis, Jung, & Dreams with Dr. Stan Marlan - 407
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This week I speak with Dr. Stan Marlan, a Jungian psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, and author. He writes on Jung, alchemy, the philosopher’s stone, the art of illumination, and speaks to individuation, the individual and collective unconscious, archetypes, psychedelics, and how we introject our parents into the depths of our unconscious… Plus he offers up a little taste of psychoanalysis in action by doing a dream interpretation of a dream I recently had! Useful Links:
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This week I spoke with Debbie Reber, author, and founder of TILT Parenting which offers resources to parents of neurodiverse “differently wired” humans to help navigate these uncertain waters in a world where everything is biased towards “normal”. We speak about how ADHD is considered...
Published 09/27/22
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Published 09/20/22
Published 09/20/22