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How did Gordon Murray get his tenacious hunger of design and problem solving? How did he come to design the legendary McLaren F1? What does his new car, the T.50, do that other supercars don't? And what are those strange contraptions he built out of a boiler and a food truck? All that and a lot more will be answered in this amazing episode. If there were a hall of fame for cars, Gordon Murray would be near the top, seated at the table of bosses next to people like Colin Chapman and Dan Gurney. He was the lead designer and engineer behind the McLaren F1, which came after he had a very successful career as a technical director in F1 for Brabham and McLaren. For some, those credits would be enough to hang their legacy on but as you'll soon hear Gordon is not like other people. His new venture, GMA (Gordon Murray Automotive), has debuted two cars that lit the supercar world on fire because their intent is not to deliver the quickest, fastest, or most powerful ride on Earth, but the best to drive. Gordon's focus has always been about weight reduction and driver feedback, and as will become clear in this show, his focus is sharper than ever. https://gordonmurrayautomotive.com/ Recorded August 4, 2022 Berryman is Available at your favorite automotive retailer or automotive parts store. https://www.berrymanproducts.com. Stop deli-slicing your scalp with traditional razors. Try Freedom today – or get it as a gift – with your exclusive 20% off by going to https://www.freedomgrooming.com/tire Use Off The Record! and ALWAYS fight your tickets! Enter code TST10 for a 10% discount on your first case on the Off The Record app, or go to http://www.offtherecord.com/TST. Want your question answered? Want to watch the live stream, get ad-free podcasts, or exclusive podcasts? Join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thesmokingtirepodcast Tweet at us! https://www.Twitter.com/thesmokingtire https://www.Twitter.com/zackklapman Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/thesmokingtire https://www.Instagram.com/therealzackklapman
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