Fighting Back Since 1619: Black August, Political Prisoners & the Fight for Socialism
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The month of Black August  focuses on the importance of the continued struggle for Black liberation  and honors the lives and struggle of political prisoners—and calls for  their freedom. While many have been released, like Albert Woodfox, who  was released in 2016 and passed away earlier this month, many still  linger behind bars, even in solitary confinement and in their 80s or  sick. What does the ongoing treatment of these organizers and fighters  tell us about the nature of the capitalist system and the tools that the  ruling class fears the most? Nicole Roussell is joined by Nino Brown, a member of the Jericho  Movement, which organizes to free political prisoners, and an organizer  for the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Please make an urgently-needed contribution to The Socialist Program by joining our Patreon community at  We rely on the generous support of our listeners to keep bringing you  consistent, high-quality shows. All Patreon donors of $5 a month or more  are invited to join the monthly Q&A seminar with Brian.
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