Fed's Interest Rate Campaign Sends Shockwaves Through Global Economy
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On today's episode Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard  Wolff discuss how the Federal Reserve’s relentless campaign to raise  interest rates is having profound consequences not just in the United  States, but around the world. As rates rise in the United States, the  value of other currencies is plummeting, intensifying inflation and a  whole host of other economic and social issues. Professor Richard  Wolff is an author & co-founder of the organization Democracy at  Work. You can find his work at rdwolff.com. Please make an urgently-needed contribution to The Socialist Program by joining our Patreon community at patreon.com/thesocialistprogram.  We rely on the generous support of our listeners to keep bringing you  consistent, high-quality shows. All Patreon donors of $5 a month or more  are invited to join the monthly Q&A seminar with Brian.
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