The Preview to the Previews with Bill Connelly + College Football Podcast for 6/21
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Ty and Dan chat with ESPN's Bill Connelly about the challenges of projecting teams for the 2022 season, why teams like USC are impossible to forecast, the tweaks he's made to his formulas, which schools are primed for a jump against the spread and much more. Plus, Dan details his harrowing encounter with local wildlife.
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Ty and Dan discuss the new coaching vacancy at Georgia Tech after the firing of Geoff Collins. Could Deion Sanders be a fit in Atlanta? Plus, a look at the "lucky" teams around college football, from Notre Dame to Minnesota to USC and beyond.
Published 09/28/22
Ty and Dan regroup after a frenetic Week 4 that saw Oklahoma and Miami go down, close calls for Oregon, Tennessee, USC and Michigan, overtime thrillers in Lubbock and Winston-Salem, and much more. Plus, Baylor puts it all together, Kansas stays unbeaten, Minnesota rolls Michigan State, Drew Pyne...
Published 09/26/22