BIPOC Marine scientist team gets thrown out of Marriott hotel for asking staff to clean her room
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Equity, diversity, and inclusion has been the focus of many organizations in marine science and conservation and outside of the field for a number of years and there has been some small steps in the right direction made, but there are many examples of BIPOC scientists and their teams that still face racism today. Therefore, it is important to highlight some of those racist examples to show people the challenges that BIPOC scientists face in 2022.   In this episode, I am going to describe to you a real-life example of a hotel staff asking a BIPOC scientist and her team to leave the hotel after the scientist asked for her room to be cleaned, which she had asked for a week.   Link to Resources: Tweet Thread: Dr. Tiara Moore: WOC Website: Building an online community through digital storytelling 6-week course:   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter: 
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