Nickel mine in New Caledonia gets financial investment from Tesla and local ownership
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I've done some work with mining companies in Ontario before as I would run studies to ensure the companies were not harming the surrounding water bodies, but during my time as a private consultant, I heard some really bad stories about mining companies harming local areas and people with toxic spills. Therefore, I was initially worried when I saw Tesla and Nickel Mine in a recent headline on Mongabay News. I was happy to hear that their mention is not tarnished by this involvement in nickel mining with the benefits that come to the community.   In this episode of the Speak Up for the Ocean Blue Podcast, I am going to tell you about a nickel mine on a small island that could be beneficial to the local community.   Link to article:   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter:   
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