Risso's Dolphins herd pilot whales away from their habitat in the Azores
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Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) are beautiful creatures and they display a number of different behaviours that we often like to watch. The behaviours are usually friendly ones such as bow riding or breaching the water giving us a spectacular show. But cetaceans are wild animals and being in the wild means every species needs to survive that is why researchers were not surprised after observing a pod of Risso's dolphins herding away a pod of long-finned pilot whales to protect the food in their habitat.   In this episode of the Speak Up For The Ocean Blue podcast, I am going to discuss the incident and why it's important to know why these cetaceans are so protective.   Link to Article: https://bit.ly/3C4r4b2   Sign up to find out about the audio Ocean Conservation Careers members group: https://bit.ly/38ak7Z8   Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3NmYvsI Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: https://bit.ly/3fOF3Wf Instagram: https://bit.ly/3rIaJSG Twitter: https://bit.ly/3rHZxpc   
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