The educational importance of The Salmon People podcast
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My University was and still is known as an Agricultural School. One program that was being heavily promoted at our school and in my program was that of aquaculture. I didn't know much about aquaculture before I took a class on it but it sounded like a great thing that solved food problems. Grow fish to serve as food with a growing global population that was slowly running out of resources. Aquaculture helps wild populations as it puts less pressure on fishing wild stocks. It sounded great, but there were always issues with aquaculture in Canada that I was learning about throughout my career, but I didn't really understand the issues and how they were being covered up.   I recently came across a podcast series called The Salmon People hosted by Sandra Bartlett that changed everything and it's a great way to learn about the history of problems in aquaculture.   In this episode, I will talk about the podcast and how I felt it serves as a great communication piece for Canadians and anyone else that is interested in fisheries and aquaculture.   Podcast Link:   Join the audio program - Build Your Marine Science and Conservation Career:   Facebook Group: Connect with Speak Up For Blue: Website: Instagram: Twitter: 
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