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Mike Leigh is joined by Sean Singleton, Orla Hannon and Tim Ellerton to discuss the win v Marseilles and a big night in Lisbon. For exclusive Spurs Show merchandise including new Sonny, Conte and new beautiful retro designs go to Come and join us at our #SpursShowLIVE events for just £10 a month! Grab your season ticket now from For more exclusive daily Spurs Show podcasts check out @spursshow Support us at Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh A Playback Media Production Copyright 2022 Playback Media Ltd -
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Join Theo Delaney and Gerry Cox for a very special live show with Gerry Armstrong as he shares some very funny and brilliant stories! Join us for the next Spurs Show Live with Neil Ruddock on Feb 22nd - For exclusive Spurs Show merchandise including new Sonny, Conte...
Published 02/03/23
Mike Leigh and Theo Delaney are joined by Steve Perryman and Julie Welch to discuss their gorgeous new Spurs book '81'. A must listen show with a discount code to buy the book too! Type TSS (The Spurs Show) into the shopping cart at to get 20% off books such as The Spurs...
Published 01/30/23
Published 01/30/23