Spurs Show Live! The Time Wasters Special
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Theo Delaney welcomes Chris Paouros and Martin Lipton for this months Spurs Show Live! We discuss 4 games, 2 of which we wish hadn't seen… For exclusive Spurs Show merchandise including new Sonny, Conte and new beautiful retro designs go to https://the-spurs-show-store.creator-spring.com Come and join us at our #SpursShowLIVE events for just £10 a month! Grab your season ticket now from season.spursshow.net For more exclusive daily Spurs Show podcasts check out Patreon.com/spursshow spursshow.net @spursshow Support us at season.spursshow.net Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh A Playback Media Production playbackmedia.co.uk Copyright 2022 Playback Media Ltd - playbackmedia.co.uk/copyright
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Mike Leigh and Theo Delaney are joined by Steve Perryman and Julie Welch to discuss their gorgeous new Spurs book '81'. A must listen show with a discount code to buy the book too! Type TSS (The Spurs Show) into the shopping cart at shop.visionsp.co.uk to get 20% off books such as The Spurs...
Published 01/30/23
Published 01/30/23
Theo Delaney is joined by Gerry Cox and Matthew Hamilton for this weeks show, recorded live at The Albany in Great Portland Street. They discuss the Man City frustration and the Fulham game plus and look to the future… For exclusive Spurs Show merchandise including new Sonny, Conte and new...
Published 01/25/23