The Buoyancy Special
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We’re feeling buoyant this week after our magnificent victory against Man City, join us for this comprehensive review with Theo Delaney welcoming Sean Singleton, Jeff Brazier and Simon Dent. Head to and use code “THESPURS” for your free case of 8 beers! Come and join us at our #SpursShowLIVE events for just £10 a month! Grab your season ticket now from For more exclusive daily Spurs Show podcasts check out @spursshow Support us at Produced by Paul Myers and Mike Leigh Engineered by Leon Gorman A Playback Media Production Copyright 2021 Playback Media Ltd -
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Mike Leigh is joined by Gerry Cox, Daniel Wynne and Ken Saxton to discuss maximum points this week, the overseas fans experience and the awful corporate pre match music at the Lane. Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code ‘spurs20’ at Unlock your confidence and always use the...
Published 12/05/21
Published 11/30/21
Theo Delaney picks the bones out of the debacle with David Hepworth, Julie Welch and Sean Singleton, as well as look forward to Brentford and Norwich… Head to to get your case of 10 free beers! @spursshow Support us at Produced by Paul Myers...
Published 11/30/21