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The boys start off suplexing Undetaker, Liger & Ebay Fraud (12:38) The Gorilla Position is RINGSIDE FEST (39:13) The OMG Figure of the Week 2020 a Ring General! (123:03) Bust It Open is Back! (132.56)  When: Saturday Where:  Podbean, iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify Social Media:  Instagram & Twitter @sqdcircleafp
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Will the Thrill sits down with the Executive VP/Partner of Jazwares and as we like to call him the godfather of wrestling figures Mr. Jeremy Padawer for an in-depth interview about wrestling figures & collecting. We got two words for you...Cowboy Shit!!! Please follow Jazwares on IG &...
Published 11/22/21
The boys are back in black and ready to cause some trouble! They start of with a banger 30 minute intro covering all things wrestling figures! The Gorilla Position is back what;s the boys position on Mattel WWE Legends Series 13? (38:39) Next they dive into the OMG Figure of the Week and it's a...
Published 10/11/21