Don't let software steal your time
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In the world of technology, it feels like more and more software gets added to our workflows every day. Commit code, request a day off, expense home equipment, check your production code for errors—all these tasks use different tools. Sometimes it feels like all the software out there is just trying to steal our time. But is there some way that software can help optimize your time and let you get more things done? On the fourth and final episode of our sponsored podcast series with Logitech, Ben and Cassidy talk with Paolo Passeri and Giulio Barresi about the ways that software can give us time back.
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On today's episode, Matt and Ben talk about data showing Silicon Valley losing its status as tech's center of gravity. Plus, what it means to make major engineering changes in public and how to reckon with the collapse of some of the biggest names in crypto.
Published 12/02/22
Published 12/02/22
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