Cassidy becomes a CTO!
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As tech builders, it’s easy to get caught up in the tactical nature of our roles and responsibilities. From meeting deadlines to fixing bugs, we can forget the human side of work. In today’s podcast, Ben and Ceora discuss what it’s been like to return to in-person events after a two and a half year hiatus. Plus, Cassidy announces her new role as CTO and how she is juggling management with mastering an array of new technical fields.
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On today's episode, Matt and Ben talk about data showing Silicon Valley losing its status as tech's center of gravity. Plus, what it means to make major engineering changes in public and how to reckon with the collapse of some of the biggest names in crypto.
Published 12/02/22
Published 12/02/22
In today’s podcast episode, Ben, Matt, and Cassidy talk with Utkarsh Srivastava, VP of Engineering at Patreon. We cover the product roadmap, deployment best practices, and UX philosophies. Matt and Cassidy, both Patreon users, confirm its delightful user experience.
Published 11/29/22