I was able to sit down with Kingsford Middle School Robotics Team member, Emma! She has been working on the KMS Robotics team for years. Other announcements: Follow me on Twitter: @mr_jvd Read my Blog: http://mrvandusen.blogspot.com/ ALSO:  Be sure to follow the New Teacher Podcast: http://www.newteacher.org/ Also the Route 66 Podcast: http://www.route66podcast.com/ TRUST ME!  You will be glad you did!
Published 05/08/20
This episode talks about building a stool...but also how to engage kids with carpentry skills and tools. - Measuring Tape - Protractor - Square - Hammer and Nails - Screwdriver and screws - Sandpaper - Stain and Paint Twitter @mr_JVD Insta @mr_jvdusen
Published 04/07/20
Published 04/07/20
With the COVID19 pandemic, we are all looking for things to do with our kids at home. The STEM Teacher Podcast was MADE FOR THIS! E80 covers other episodes that will help you out, as well as gives some other ideas. Twitter @mr_JVD Instagram @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 03/18/20
One of my very best friends, Kyle Anderson, has published a book that is available today! https://www.totheedgeedu.com/ Follow Kyle here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndersonEdTech He is the co-host of two podcasts, find them here: The Beer EDU Podcast: The podcast for educators that love to learn and share ideas with fellow educators over beers! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts! #BeerEDUpod https://twitter.com/BeerEDUPod Sons of Technology Podcast: Risk Taking Ideas to...
Published 03/07/20
My son recently joined the Cub Scouts and one of the first things we did was earn his Whittling Chip and complete the "Bear Claws" adventure. Whittling can be a lot of fun as long as you do it safely!   Bear Claws Adventure: https://boyscouttrail.com/cub-scouts/bear-claws-adventure.php Whittling Chip: http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/award/whittling_chip-434.asp Twitter: @mr_jvd Insta: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 03/06/20
In this episode, we talk about how to do some detective work! We talk about fingerprints, blood spatter, discovering different substances, and identifying bootprints! Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 02/14/20
It has been a LONG time since we pushed out an episode here on, "The STEM Teacher Podcast!" This one isn't completly STEM related, but it's helping us get back in the grove. In this episode we talk with my son, James VanDusen, about him playing football with his friends and also helping out on the Kingsford Flivver Sidlines for JV and Varsity football games. Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 12/28/19
I have had a binder with me over the past 12 years of teaching that I just keep adding to. It is full of brain busting puzzles.  I go over a few in this episode. See if you can figure them out! Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 05/24/19
This episode turned into a bit of a rant. I read an old blog post of mine from 2017 about failure, we talk about how failure might be a good thing, and I finish with some quotes on failure. Buckle your seat belt...this one is a bumpy ride. Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/john-vandusen/message
Published 05/16/19
 We talk about a 3 week project we do in my room with all kinds of different spheres and how you can have fun  at home by letting them ROLL! Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 05/07/19
In this episode we highlight all the AMAZING things your local library (probably) offers!   Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 04/30/19
  My students learn about the habitat and sounds associated with the Wild Turkey! National Wild Turkey Federation http://www.nwtf.org/ Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com The Kingsford Flivver Flash https://anchor.fm/flivver-football Kingsford Flivver Football Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flivverfootball/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flivverfootball/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlivverF football@kingsford.org
Published 04/23/19
In this episode, long time STEM Teacher Podcast member, James, comes on to tell us some of his favorite games and activities to play both inside and outside. Spoiler alert.....none of them are screen games!   Twitter: @Mr_JVD Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 04/13/19
I talk with Maria and Mikayla from Wayne State University in Detroit. Maria is the Student Engagement Coordinator and Mikayla is a C2 Pipeline Student Assistant. We talk about the C2 pipeline and the student outreach to local high schools and the cool activities available in their STEM lab Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WSUC2Pipeline/ Twitter:...
Published 04/08/19
It’s a short but CrAzY week before we kick off spring break! We talk about a fast and fun game we can play with a pair of die! Keep Calm your Internet is on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYys_Jg9xz4  Heading into spring break, here are some other episodes to keep you and your kiddos busy! Episode 3: Spring Break STEM https://anchor.fm/john-vandusen/episodes/Episode-3-Spring-Break-S-T-E-M-e174d0 Episode 10: Rainy Day...
Published 03/28/19
  The Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) held it’s 2019 conference in Detroit, MI. I was lucky enough to attend for the 3rd year in a row. This was my first year presenting! My presentation was on podcasting, and it’s available here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Iya6f8claI49hX7PYPdHgTe8Ot4Fh6alm1Aru7Ebg7I/edit?usp=sharing Stephen Ritz- Founder of the Green Bronx Machine; author: “Power of the Plant.”  Twitter: @StephenRitz Community Podcasting...
Published 03/26/19
  Measuring can be fun! In this episode we talk about how Pre-K through 4th graders are measuring to the nearest inch. You can do it with any age! We also preview the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) 2019 conference in Detroit. Keynote speakers: Stephen Ritz- Founder of the Green Bronx Machine; author: “Power of the Plant.”  Twitter: @StephenRitz Gerry Brooks- Elementary school principal and YouTube sensation Twitter: @gerrybrookssprin YouTube:...
Published 03/19/19
Working with perimeter can be fun, even if you don't know how to measure things! We go over the definition of perimeter as well as things you see every day to get our minds wrapped around what perimeter is. We also talk about how to find things with perimeter and how to measure them EVEN IF you can't use a ruler! There are few bonus perimeters at the end, you'll have to listen to find out what they are! Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 03/12/19
March is reading month...but why? Learn what we are doing in Kingsford for MiRM as well as things that might be happening at your local library. I go over some STEM books that your younger elementary children might find interesting as well as some books for those tweens/teens in your life. Last but not least, you will find out WHY March is Reading Month! Why, oh why, oh how could it be? It it because I read in a tree?    ***That's your hint ;) The books I review can be found here:...
Published 03/05/19
Do you have snow? Do you want to go sledding?! Learn some cool ways to incorporate STEM into your fun day of sledding! Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 02/26/19
The microscope has been around since the 1500's! Learn how it was invented, the three types, and all the fun you can have looking at household items under your very own microscope! Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 02/19/19
Lean the science behind tongue twisters and how they slow down your brain! There are 3 types of tongue twisters as well as a type for ASL! Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 02/12/19
With 3 "COLD DAYS" out of the last four school days, here are 4 more ideas for things your children can do. Part I had a lot of "loud" ideas, these are "quiet." Twitter: @mr_jvd Instagram: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 02/05/19
With the temps dropping below zero, here are 5 ideas of things to do when it's SO cold you can't go outside! Twitter: @mr_jvd Insta: @mr_jvdusen stemteacherpodcast@gmail.com
Published 01/29/19