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I was able to sit down with Kingsford Middle School Robotics Team member, Emma! She has been working on the KMS Robotics team for years. Other announcements: Follow me on Twitter: @mr_jvd Read my Blog: ALSO:  Be sure to follow the New Teacher Podcast:...
Published 05/08/20
This episode talks about building a stool...but also how to engage kids with carpentry skills and tools. - Measuring Tape - Protractor - Square - Hammer and Nails - Screwdriver and screws - Sandpaper - Stain and Paint Twitter @mr_JVD Insta @mr_jvdusen
Published 04/07/20
With the COVID19 pandemic, we are all looking for things to do with our kids at home. The STEM Teacher Podcast was MADE FOR THIS! E80 covers other episodes that will help you out, as well as gives some other ideas. Twitter @mr_JVD Instagram @mr_jvdusen
Published 03/18/20