How Singapore can tackle racism meaningfully: ST Connect webinar
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ST Connect webinar: How Singapore can tackle racism meaningfully 59:29 mins Listen to a discussion of racial microaggressions and public confrontations, in a webinar organised by The Straits Times live on July 14 on how best to tackle such issues. A recent uptick in race-related disputes and incidents has led to greater discussion of issues surrounding race like discrimination and privilege. The discussion explores what individuals and groups can do to improve understanding and strengthen trust among people of different races. This special edition of The Big Story presents the ST Connect webinar, moderated by Singapore editor Zakir Hussain. Produced by: ST Video team Edited by: ST Video team and Aleemah Basirah Discover The Straits Times Videos: Discover ST podcasts: Channel: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google podcasts: Websites: Feedback to: [email protected]  Follow Hairianto Diman on Instagram: Follow Olivia Quay on Instagram: --- Discover more ST podcast series: Green Pulse Podcast: Health Check Podcast: ST Sports Talk Podcast: Life Weekend Picks Podcast: #PopVultures Podcast: Bookmark This! Podcast: Lunch With Sumiko Podcast: Discover BT Podcasts: Follow our shows then, if you like short, practical podcasts!   See for privacy information.
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