259. Running and Lifting: How Elizabeth Does Both As a Sub-3 Marathoner
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Listeners know I'm a relentless advocate of strength training, whether you're doing bodyweight exercises at home or lifting heavy in the gym. But some runners take strength training to a level above and beyond the rest of us - and find great success along the way. This week’s podcast features a fellow running coach and one of my private coaching clients, Elizabeth Corkum. Elizabeth - who goes by the nickname Corky - is a 2:58 marathoner and 5-day per week weightlifter. Coach Corky has multiple coaching certifications, including USA Track and Field, Road Runners Club of America, and the Lydiard Foundation. She is also a certified personal trainer and specialist in sports nutrition.  Your path may or may not look exactly like hers, but you can learn a lot from her journey and our discussion, including: How Elizabeth incorporates her extensive strength work into her race training The unexpected path she took to reach her sub 3 hour marathon goal How you can go all in and have fun at the same time The importance of being patient and trusting the path you're on Why every training cycle will help you get somewhere new, even if it’s not what you planned Links & Resources from the Show: Learn more about Coach Corky Follow Coach Corky on Instagram Learn how to get strong with Strength Running Listen to a podcast about running a sub 3 marathon Periodize your weightlifting with High Performance Lifting Thank you Elemental Labs! A big thanks to Elemental Labs for their support of this episode! They make electrolyte drinks for athletes and low-carb folks with no sugar, artificial ingredients, or colors. And you can get a free sampler pack of 4 flavors and 8 individual packets when you pay $5 in shipping. Elemental Labs' products have some of the highest sodium concentrations that you can find. Anybody who runs a lot knows that sodium, as well as other electrolytes like magnesium and potassium, are essential to our performance and how we feel throughout the day. The citrus flavor has quickly become my favorite. I’m drinking one a day now to help me get enough fluids in our dry Colorado air. It’s tasty and delicious and I find that I’m not peeing every 45 minutes throughout the day, which might be an indication I wasn’t eating enough sodium. There’s now mounting evidence that higher sodium intake levels are not unhealthy – and athletes need substantially more than your typical sedentary person. Of course, ask your doctor if you’re worried. But for those athletes running outside in the heat, an electrolyte replacement makes a lot of sense. So check out Elemental Labs to try their new flavor or get a free sampler pack.  Thank you Impossible Sleep! We’re also supported by Impossible Sleep, a new performance sleep drink to help high performers get the most out of their nightly rest. Impossible Sleep is a melatonin free sleep drink mix that provides deep recovery while gently lulling you to sleep. It only has two ingredients, with magnesium to promote muscle recovery and deep sleep, and L-theanine for a subtle calming effect that helps you wind down at the end of the day. High achieving runners have to prioritize their sleep - it’s like a performance enhancing drug that allows us to absorb our training, improve, and race faster. The Impossible Sleep drink helps you optimize your bedtime routine so you can get as much deep recovery as possible. When you consider that studies have shown that sleep loss can lead to glucose imbalances, increased anxiety, and your risk of getting sick, it’s a no-brainer to get as much high quality sleep as you can. Learn more about Impossible Sleep drink and be sure to use code Jason20 to save 20% on your first subscription order.
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