Paediatric Nurse and Registered Paramedic Austin Purdie
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This week we have a chat to Austin Purdie, both nurse and paramedic. We have a chat about the dual degree, how he made his way into both professions and his tips and tricks for students studying! DISCLAIMER: All of the opinions of each individual on 'The Student Paramedic Podcast' are their own. See for privacy information.
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This week we have a chat to Dr John Glasheen. Dr Glasheen is a paramedic turned emergency physician who works with QAS as part of HARU, as a flight care doctor and within hospital. We put a Q&A out to the audience who requested trauma and some of the questions sent in have been asked. We did...
Published 09/27/21
EXPLICIT EpisodeĀ  This week we have a chat to Ed, the co-founder of TradeMutt. Ed and Dan are both tradies that wanted to create a cultural change around mental health for blue collar workers (particularly tradies and men's mental health). They have done so by creating a funky workwear brand...
Published 09/20/21
This week we have a chat to Nathan Burns, a paramedic who founded 'Backpacker Medics'. We discuss what it is like working as a paramedic in humanitarian aid and now in post-disaster recovery in developing countries. This was an incredible chat about the difference in pre-hospital care across...
Published 09/13/21