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On this week's episode we go deep on celebrity chefs, picking Vic Matus's brain about the nature of dining culture. A Flash update! Maine! So much show; it's a packed episode, folks. Hopefully you enjoy it!
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This week Sonny's getting upset! A big poop. Adventures in class with Vic. And an in-depth discussion of the truly terrible new documentary on Netflix about Bob Ross. Why does this exist? What does it say about us that we've made it a hit? And a Val Kilmer draft results update!
Published 09/15/21
On this week's episode Sonny fixes something. Vic puts something in his mouth. The guys review Reminiscence (in theaters and on HBO Max). And Sonny and JVL took their kids to see Paw Patrol (which is also streaming on Paramount Plus). How are the pups of Adventure Bay saving movie theaters?
Published 09/08/21
On this week's episode, Vic has a recycling problem. And a water problem. And a storefront problem. Lotta worries on Vic's mind. And the gang discusses the new documentary Val on Amazon Prime, a poignant look at the actor's career that uses footage he himself shot for decades as the backbone of...
Published 09/01/21